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Welcome to Appledore Cosmetic Dentist, opening up a brand new world to modern stress free, dental care in Binfield, Bracknell.

We have set ourselves worlds apart to bring you a very unique service. Our award winning team are passionate to make you smile with the latest cosmetic techniques and quality care. Step into our world… we want to make you smile!

Dr Teresa and Dr Neale both offer free consultations on a Thursday evening once a month. Please give us a call to find out more.

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Wanted: Women for Straighter, Whiter Teeth

You smile at a stranger for the first time revealing your white straight teeth.
He smiles back and you happily walk into work.
You pass a mirror and smile back for the first time in years.
A sudden wave of self confidence shoots through your whole body like an electric shock... as you apply for that promotion, rekindle relationships, and start to think of yourself for a change.
But this fantasy is real. And affordable.
In fact,  for the same price as a daily Starbucks coffee… you can have straight white teeth.  

Cindy Alexander Explains How Straight Teeth
Has Changed Her Life

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cases we have fitted so far

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Dr Teresa is the Clinical Director and Founder of Appledore Dental Clinic

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Dental Implants

dental implants at Appledore Cosmetic Dentist Binfield Bracknell

Smile with confidence without

the need of wearing a denture


Stress Free Dentistry

pain free denistry at Appledore Cosmetic Dentist Binfield Bracknell

Teeth can be very emotive subject and dentist surgeries seem a very scary place but thanks to the Appledore Clinic not any more.

Straight Teeth

straight teeth invisalign at Appledore Cosmetic Dentist Binfield Bracknell

We offer treatments to give you the straight teeth you have always wanted, Including the almost invisible Invisalign

Special Offers

Special offers cosmetic dentist

Quote 'Makeover Cindy' and ask for your free £100 off Cosmetic Gift Certificate