“Your Local Leader In Smile Technology”

Call Appledore Dental Today On 01344 481 544

Call Appledore Dental Today On 01344 481 544

"Your Local Leader In Smile Technology"

GDC Staff Information

Appledore Dental Clinic – Bracknell Team 


Dr Teresa Day: BDS, LDS, RCS, England. Qualified 1980                GDC number 54407

Dr Neale Katz: BDS Rand – South Africa.  Qualified 1987               GDC number 62876

Dr Sahra Jabbar BDS, England.                  Qualified 2013                GDC number 244973



Laura Evans (Nee Green): Combined Diploma in Dental Therapist and Hygiene Bristol. Qualified 2010. GDC number 189194

Lucy Horton: BSc Dental Hygiene and Dental Therapy Portsmouth. Qualified 2012. GDC number 170253



Victoria Hough: RDN, RAD England. Qualified 2010. GDC Number 200727

Jennifer Crame (Nee Deal):  RDN, RAD England. Qualified 2011. GDC Number 217140

Heather Chaytor: RDN, RAD England. Qualified 2012. GDC Number 234621

Karolina Adamska-Ziolkowska: RDN, RAD England Qualified 2014 GDC Number 254631

Katherine Redmond RDN, RAD England Qualified 2007. GDC Number 108349

Sarah Perrot RDN England Qualified 2008. GDC Number 134770

Ashleigh Handley RDN England Qualified 2015. GDC Number 259352 



Miss Calie Ledger and Mrs Sophia Foat


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Appledore Smile Advice

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